Beginning in May 2016, the MOI Digital team will be hosting a series of open seminars addressing the Ministry of Information's work during the war and the context in which it developed its propaganda. 


The seminars will be free to attend and will take place between 6pm and 7pm. They will introduce the project’s research in progress, and address some of the key areas of the ministry’s development over the course of the war, wider issues relating to communications history, and the archival evidence of the ministry’s work.


The first of these seminars will begin this summer.


19th May, 2016

"Beyond Senate House: the organisation of the Ministry of Information in the regions and abroad" - Dr Marc Wiggam (Seminar Room 304, IHR third floor, North Block)


16th June, 2016

“‘Continuous Flows of Reliable Information?’: Home Intelligence and the Wartime Social Survey” - Dr Henry Irving (Seminar Room 243, IES second floor)


Screenings of some of the ministry's short films will accompany the papers. Attendance is free, and all are welcome.