A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46


Daily Statement of Facts by Home Intelligence .
London Region - October 15th, 1940 .

For internal circulation only.


Old people who do not come within the limited scope of the new evacuation schemes for aged and infirm in London are applying to C.O.S. Bureaux; express distress when turned away as latest speech of Minister of Health gave rise to misapprehension. (report from Headquarters C.O.S.) Wives express fear that their husbands will “take up with other women”. Many mothers state they will not go until some hostel scheme for older girls (16-18) is in operation (reports from workers in Deptford and Fulham). Many East End evacuees generously welcomed in Epsom: billeting of them is easier in poorer households than in middle class, though latter people are helping in other ways (report from Townswomen's Guild).

Thurrock report that evacuation of homeless and expectant mothers involves a train journey to London and thence outwards again, and suggest ambulance transport direct to convenient evacuation station.


West Kensington public shelters in poor condition from cleanliness point of view (report from Care Committee worker). Many underground shelters in Stepney damp; some have water dripping. Cases of scabies, impetigo, chicken-pox and tuberculosis found unisolated in Stepney shelters. (report from several local workers).

Conservative Party South London Group of Constituencies report shortage of shelters in a rather less populous area in Camberwell.


Fulham people receiving good supply of new boots and shoes after bombing. Lord Mayor's Fund called “godsend”. Serious need for allocation for same purpose in Deptford (reported by second reporter. Care Committee worker.)

Bethnal Green state that the form to be filled in by claimants for damage is not easily intelligible. Men left behind find difficulty in supplying evacuated families with money owing to dilatoriness of Post Office.

Westminster report that instances have been brought to their notice where the Unemployment Assistance Board might have given more sympathetic treatment to applicants who had lost their possessions. More generous use of the Lord Mayor's Fund for aiding people in distress is urged.

Chairman of Whitechapel & St. George's Conservative Association (Stepney) Women's Branch state that people do not know what the arrangements are for the rapid recovery and burial of the dead.


Chigwell added to list of fringe areas reporting confusion over sirens.


Dilatoriness in requisitioning empty houses in Chelsea causing local bad feeling. (report from social worker) Deptford people being re-housed in damaged houses locally, often without windows, as Borough Council cannot get in direct touch with billeting officer in country reception area and people refuse to go to West End (report from Care Committee worker).


Furniture left in damaged houses in Stepney which are open wind and weather as Borough has no plan for storage in such cases.

Brentford & Chiswick report complaints that if the owner of a [Text Missing] 5 damaged by air raids awaits repair by the Local Council, no charge is made; but if he employs private tradesmen he has to meet the entire cost. Complaints have been received of the high charges made by furniture removers and of the lack of lorries.


Fulham report that candles and night lights unobtainable, and suggest creation of reserve stock to meet possible breakdown of electricity supply.

Chairman of the Emergency Committee, Kensington, states that though the Government promised 1,000,000 bunks, the circular received by local authorities did not make clear who is providing the cost of labour and transport, the Government apparently only providing second-hand timber from demolished premises.

This statement represents material sent by Local Information Committees and other sources from October 11th to 15th and has been passed without comment by the Regional Commissioner's Office by the London County Council and by the Middlesex County Council.

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