A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

Foundation Garments.

A Survey of eight Occupation Groups for the Board of Trade

War Time Social Survey

Report No.6, New Services December, 1941.


This Survey was made at the request of the Board of Trade, and interviewing was conducted during the last two weeks in November, 1941.

1. The Sample of 5,000 interviews planned was, in fact, exceeded, interviewing being confined to 8 occupation groups. In all cases interviewing was carried out at the place of work or, with housewives, in their homes. It will be shown in Appendix I that the Sample for this reason is not a national sample in the sense that the occupation groups were not covered in proportion to their numbers in the country.

Total figures would therefore be misleading and have in many cases been omitted. Where total figures or percentages based on them are given this is for guidance only, and great care should be taken not to interpret them as nationally representative.

On the other hand, age distribution in the occupation groups is thought to be representative of these groups. The figures therefore within customary sampling margins may be taken as representative of the group concerned. Similarly, complete regional representation was not possible. But the figures for regional differences will give clear indications of substantial differences here.

2. The main Sections of the Survey deal with:-

(i) Type of supporting Garments worn and possessed by women interviwed pp. 1-13b
(i) Special sections devoted to each occupation Group
(ii) Prices paid for supporting Garments 14 - 17
(iii) Supply difficulties in last few months 18 - 22
(iv) Buying habits, June 1941 - June 1942 23 - 27
This section does not attempt to assess all buying in fact and in anticipation during the period, but the distribution of demand between types of gement and occupation groups.
(v) Changes of Habit out of Occupation or Recent Developments 28 - 32
This action deals with the effect of occupations, wearing trousers, and stockings' shortage.
(vi) Social analysis for Housewives of Types worn prices paid 33 - 34
(vii) Regional Differences 35
(viii) The sample Appendix I.
(ix) Washing and mending Appendix 2.
(x) An estimate of the age at which Supporting garments are first worn Appendix 3.

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