A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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New Series Regional G.5




Col. 1 Col. 2 Col. 3 Col. 4 Col. 5
Region Occupation Group Sex District Housewives
1 Housewife X Man 1 Urban 1 Group 1
2 Agriculture 0 Woman 2 Rural 2 Group 2
3 Mining 1 Marital Status Group 3
4 Heavy industry 2 Married 3 Group 4
5 Light industry 3 Age Single 4 Group 5
6 Building & roads 4 Widowed 5 If over 40 and married
7 Transport & public services 5 Under 20 4 Is there son or daughter in forces or unmarried children over 14 & away from home?
8 Clerical 6 20 - 30 5 Yes 7
9 Distributive 7 31 - 40 6 Men over 40 No 8
10 Miscellaneous services 8 41 - 49 7 In last Yes 7
11 Professional 9 War? No 8
12 Managerial XI
Exact Occupation:
How do you think your present health compares with your health in peace-time? Col. 6 Col. 10
Better... 1
Same... 2
(Remarks)... Worse... 3
Doubtful... 4
Have you had a cold or ‘flu this winter? Yes... 6
No... 7
Col. 7 Col. 11
Do you take any special precautions against catching cold? If Yes what? Yes... 1
No... 2
Have you been ill and unable to work during the last four weeks? Yes... 4
No... 5
If Yes Col. 12
a. How long were you unable to work?...
Col. 13
b. What was the matter?... Col. 8
How would you like information about health to be given out by the Ministry of Health? Newspapers... 1
Wireless... 2
Would you prefer: or some other way (say what)... Cinemas... 3
Wall Posters... 4 Col. 14
Public Lectures 5
Don’t mind... 6
Have you come across any information or advice put out by the Ministry of Health in the last few weeks about avoiding illness or disease? Yes... 7
No... 8
If Yes (i) (ii) Col. 15
a. What was it about? ... ...
b. Where did you come across it? ... ... Col. 16
c. What did you think about it? ... ... Col. 17
If V.D. not mentioned explain: “The Ministry of Health are very worried about venereal diseases, or “V.D.”, and want to know how much people know about them. Col. 9
Have you seen the Ministry of Health’s statement telling people about the venereal diseases? Yes... 1
No... 2
Doubtful... 3
If NO show Photostat. (If unwilling to speak abandon interview here).
8. (Ask everyone * ) Do you know what the venereal diseases are?... Col. [Text Missing]
9. If Yes How are they spread?... Col. [Text Missing]
Col.18 Col. [Text Missing]
10. (Ask everyone) Do you agree or disagree with the Ministry of Health telling people about things like this in the newspapers or on the wireless? Agree 1
Disagree 2
Doubtful 3
(Remarks in full)...
To whose who agree Col. 19
11. (Ask those who saw the statement previous to interview)
Did you read it through? Yes... 1
No... 2
If Yes
a. Do you think people will find the statement easy to understand or is there anything you think could be put more clearly?
(Remarks in full)... Col. [Text Missing]
Col. 20
b. Did you know about these things before you read the statement? Yes... 1 Col. [Text Missing]
No... 2
Part of it 3
(Remarks in full)...
12. (Ask everyone) Do you think this is the best way of telling people about V.D. or can you think of a better way? What way?... Col. [Text Missing]
Col. [Text Missing]
To Women only (who agree)
13. What would you advise anybody to do who thought she was infected?... Col. [Text Missing]
14. Do you think there is anything which stops people going for treatment?... Col. [Text Missing]
15. What would you tell anybody to look for to see if they were infected?
or Do you know what the symptoms are?
or Do you know how these diseases first show themselves?... Col. [Text Missing]
Attitude to Q.7 - 15...

* (“Everyone” here and after refers to those willing to speak)

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