A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



Director of Research Louis Moss
Senior Research Officers Dennis Chapman
Gertrude Wagner
Research Officers Kathleen Box
Geoffrey Thomas
Pixie Wilson
Daphne Kenwright


Miss M. Roe

Miss H. Gaskell

Mrs. M. Thomas

Miss E. Sunderland

Mrs. E. Croft-White

Miss M. McHugh

Miss E. Bedell

Miss B. Grant

Mrs. M. Folker

Miss K. Fremantle

Mrs. B. Mapother

Miss M.N. Braithwaite

Mrs. V. Glover

Mrs. E. Nash

Mrs. M. Trinick

Mrs. L. Cowne

Miss F. Buckland

Miss V. Barker

Miss L. McVail

Mrs. E. Newcombe

Miss F. Webber

Mrs. E. Pamely-Evans

Miss I. Penston

Miss K. Kidner

Mrs. I O’Kelly

Miss G. Mitchell

Miss G. Rawdon-Smith

Miss M. Hetherington

Mrs. A. Thurston

Miss H.M. Cooke

Miss A. McCulloch

Mrs. K. Edwards

Miss M. Angus

Mrs. J. Dicker

Miss L. Morris

Miss A. Ziegler

Miss B. Hague

Miss A. Reynolds

Mrs. L. Hodder

Miss R. Frost

Miss C. Rose

Miss M. Palmer

Mrs. M. Pursey

Dr. C. Maule

Miss C. Williams

Miss M. Mulvey

Miss D. Phillips

Coding Supervisor Jeanette Wensley
Tabulating Supervisor Enid Whitelaw

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