A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



5.0 A questionnaire similar to that addressed to the husband was addressed to adolescents, unmarried adults and in a few cases married adults who had not yet set up their first home, living in houses where we had already interviewed the husband and wife.

The questions were exactly the same as those addressed to the husband and were about visits to the work place and leisure activities. These subjects are divided into two main groups in the report:-

5.1 Getting a Living

5.2 The Use of Leisure

The second section deals with the attitude of the unmarried adults to their future home and the community in which they would prefer to live. Adolescents are excluded from this section and as in the Husband's section these topics are discussed under two headings:-

5.3 The Type of House and Garden Wanted

5.4 The Location of the New Dwelling

In this part of the report the information about the unmarried adults is first treated as a whole and then in each case the material is analysed separately for both men and women where the samples are sufficient to make significant analyses possible; thus each paragraph will contain reference to unmarried adults as a whole and to women and men separately.

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