A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



3.0 Introduction

Two main factors determining location of new buildings, the function of the dwelling in the social life of the family, and the type of dwelling have been explored in the following section for the wife and children of school age.

In the first part the main emphasis is on the patterns of behaviour. The second part is mainly concerned with attitudes to future dwellings and their location, these attitudes being presented in the perspective of the present situation and past experience.

The main activities of the housewife are grouped under the following headings:-

3.1 Getting a Living

3.2 Running a Home - Shopping

3.3 Care of Children

3.4 Religious Practice

3.5 The Use of Leisure

The facts about these activites are given in terms of the part they play in the housewife’s life in terms of distance, time taken to travel and cost of transport. The convenience of the present dwelling to the place of work or interest and the housewife’s attitude about the importance of having interests near to her home are studied. The distances are, in all cases, measured distances, the times are the housewife’s estimates.

The second section of the report on housewives deals with their past experience with their house, whether or not they would like to change their house, and where they would prefer to live. These topics were discussed under the following headings:-

3.6 The Choice of the Present House

3.7 The Main reasons for Choosing it

3.8 The Type of House and Garden wanted

3.9 The Location of the New Dwelling

In both parts the results have been analysed to show the influence of age and of having the care of children, and the influence of zone in the large towns and the size of town where this has been relevant.

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