A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



Those mentioning that Radio Talks do not apply to their part of country

Answers Coded Good, Very Good, like them, interesting .
Northumberland Very good for certain districts - not suitable for these parts .
Cheshire Very interesting and sometimes helpful. Some are not applicable to local conditions.
Very good but don’t always apply here - haven’t heard anyone on Cheshire.
Some are very good - some don t apply to this district.
Very helpful sometime but not always applicable to this district.
Very good but don’t always apply to Cheshire.
Shropshire Very instructive and useful — sometimes not applicable to local soil and conditions.
They are very useful but not applicable to local conditions often.
Montgomeryshire Yes (have learnt) but we have not had talks on local conditions - conditions vary from one part of country to another.
Pembroke Doesn’t always suit this district - a lot to be learnt from them.
Very interesting - have learnt - specially about dairy farming - but the difficulty is the differences between different regions.
Gloucester Good, but I think the talks should be more adapted to local conditions.
Very good, but talks are not always applicable to local conditions.
Dorset All right, but there’s not been much about Dorset - have certainly learnt from them.
Answers Coded Interesting but don’t learn much – good or interesting qualified.
Northumberland Interesting - not learnt anything - mostly South Country - don’t apply.
All right - the trouble is to get them carried out - what suits one county doesn’t suit another.
Durham Too much notice taken of the south - Interesting more than informative.
Not bad, but tends to cater too much for south country.
Yorkshire Can’t say I’ve learnt much – They are interesting, but they are mainly about Southern farming.
Think there should be more E. Riding farmer talks. Talks usually not suitable for us (but bits have been useful).
Very good as a rule – sometime a bit wide. Speakers often talk about farming in one area only.
Some very good ideas, but they often confine themselves to districts that can’t interest all farmers.
Vary good because you get to the bottom of it but haven’t learnt a lot as talks refer to different land - in South.
Cheshire Fairly good on the whole - some don’t apply to this part of the country.
Cheshire All right but they don’t apply to Cheshire.
Good, but don’t always apply to the district.
Quite good, but not always applicable to this country.
Shropshire Some of them are useful but some are not applicable to local conditions.
Fiintshire Some talk too generalized – greater help to talk about local conditions.
Denbigh Fairly interesting, but very little of regional interest. Should like series on Upland farming.
Can’t say I have learnt anything, but interesting. Seem to apply more for the Southern type of farming.
Montgomeryshire Quite good, but not for this area.
Pembroke All right, but they trouble is what suits some part of the country may not apply to Pembrokeshire.
Carmarthen Nice to hear, but can’t follow the English farmer.
Mormouth Some of it all right - pay no attention to what they say. The people who talk come from another part of country. They don’t know what our soil is like.
Interesting and Instructive - methods of farming differ from county to county. Labour-saving devices they recommend are no use here.
Some are all right but different parts of the country need different methods.
Gloucester Sometimes good, but not applicable to all districts.
Oxford Interesting, but what applies to one county may not apply to another.
Norfolk In some cases (have learnt) but each county has its own style of farming - should be local not national broadcasts.
Get very able speakers like Hurd, but they aren’t practical because what may do in their part doesn’t apply to another part.
Herts It’s a job to say - A man in Wilts. Can’t help a man in Herts. or Essex. You can learn some thing.
Answer Coded Bad,waste of time, and negative answers
Northumberland Too much on South Country farming don’t fit in with climate in North.
Do not apply here – are either by Scots or South Country speakers.
Not a lot – does’t apply to this part- more for South & Lancashire.
Durham Don’t apply here.
Not learnt anything – rather a lot of talks deal with South Country farming.
Yorkshire Some of the speakers are rotten – and they’re too often from the South. We needed Yorkshiremen – there must be some about.
Think most wireless talks are for the South – don’t get enough northen farming.
Not much – are just appealing to part of country where they live.
Cheshire Very rarely applies to Cheshire country.
Montgomeryshire None suitable for this country – A.G. Street only talks about Wilts. Not much good for this area – conditions so different.
Denbigh Talk a lot or rubbish – more for down country farmers – want talks about Uplands.
Flintshire Not learnt much - should be special talks for Flintshire - soil different in other areas.
Radnorshire Flat. They are no good for us on the hills .They always talk on flat farming and not for hills and banks.
Pembroke Not of interest to me - no good for me to go by. Only listen because wireless is on. Anyway always about England - not this part.
Most deals with S.E. England - we can’t get 2, 3 or 4 crops off land here.
Carmarthen They’re Englishmen - its not the same in Wales.
Gloucester A lot of the talks are not applicable to this district - the hints given are not useful for people in this locality.
Warwick No (have not learnt) the different counties have different methods.
Somerset They seldom seem to apply to here ,
Programmes should be more localised - have regional programmes - one for the West County. Would be more instructive than listening to farming in E. Anglia.
Mr. Street - he works on different soil - This is deep - his is thin soil - His experience and successes do not apply here.
Norfolk Want more regional talks also. Only applicable to one part of country therefore often a waste of time to listen to.
Does not apply to this district.
Suffolk Not suitable for this area.
Essex Do not apply to individual counties so not much help.
Hants. Not a lot – if they had county talks better – different systems of farming from county to county.

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