A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



The information is treated in the order of the questions on the questionnaires v/hich will be found in their corresponding sections.

On page 6 is a diagram showing the proportion of women interviewed who were willing or unwilling to do War work or join a Service, with a summary of the reasons given by those unwilling, and the choice of Service among those who were willing. This diagram summarises the main findings of the Survey.

An important factor in the voluntary enrolment of women is the influence of their men relatives or friends. On page 16 it is shown that 22% of possible recruits have heard objections from their friends in the Forces, and on page 29, in the section dealing with the opinions of friends and relatives, it is shown that whereas 16% of women would advise against joining the A.T.S., with men it is 28%. The A.T.S. themselves remark on the bad opinion of men in general, and soldiers in particular, and the consensus of opinion is completed by the comments of the officials of the Ministry of Labour Exchanges, as reported on page 53.

One of the most striking things in the Survey is the difference between the opinion of the A.T.S. about what the general public think of them (pages 42 and 43), and the actual opinion of the public about the A.T.S. as shown on page 29 and ohe following pages. Aoout 19% of the general public would advise against and therefore can be said to have a bad opinion of them, 60% of the A.T.S. themselves say that the public opinion of them is bad.

On page 49 details are given of the sample of A.T.S. personnel and show both their peacetime and A.T.S. occupation. This is given because it affords evidence of the kind of sample taken, but it also shows that, within the limits of the sample tnere are few cases of maladjustment of occupation. The peacetime professionally qualified woman does not become the A.T.S. cook, whereas peacetime cocks do.


Of the total women interviewed 32% are UNWILLING to do War Work or join a service. Page 9. 63% of those UNWILLING(21% of total women) give domestic responsibility or that they would not like leaving home as their reason. Page 11 21%
37% (or 11% of total women) give other reasons for not joining up 11%
Of those WILLING, 32% (or 21% of total women) would prefer to do War Work in Office or Factory. Page 12. 25% (or 17% of total women) would prefer to join the W.A.A.F. 21%
Of the total women interviewed 67% are WILLING to do War Work or join a Service. Page 9. 17%
17% (or 12% of total) would prefer Other services. 12%
16%(or 11% of total) would prefer W.R.N.S. 11%
10%(or 7% of total) would prefer the A.T.S. 7%

Reasons for choice of Service are given on page 13, and the objections to the Services not chosen on pages 14 and 15.

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