A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

APPENDIX 1. Reasons for cycling and walking

As in January, workers who walked or cycled to work were asked why they did so. The purpose of this question was to find out to what extent people were forced to walk or cycle because there was no transport or inadequate transport.

It will be remembered that cyclists and walkers were more frequently satisfied with their methods of getting to work than were those who used public transport services.

The proportions of walkers and cyclists who walked or cycled because there was no transport or only inadequate transport in September - October and in January - February were as follows:-

Walk or cycle because: % %
Walkers Cyclists
Sept. - Oct. Jan. - Feb. Sept. - Oct. Jan. - Feb.
No transport 13 ± 2 19 22 20
Transport not good enough 13 10 31 34
Sample: 609 707 480 398

The proportions giving either one answer or the other are similar to those found in January. In the case of walkers, rather fewer said that there was no transport in September - October than in January.

Walkers and cyclists giving these answers amount altogether to 14% of the whole sample of workers.

Other walkers and cyclists said that they lived near their work or preferred to walk or cycle and gave other reasons.

An analysis of the replies made by those who took 15 minutes or less and those who took more than 15 minutes over the journey shows similar differences to those found in January, higher proportions of those having long journeys saying that they walked or cycled because no transport was available or because transport was inadequate.

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