A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

Reasons for not serving vegetables on a particular day

One aim of the investigation was to find why housewives did not serve vegetables every day of the week. The frequencies with which different reasons for not cooking vegetables arises are shown in Table 7. In interpreting these reasons, it must be kept in mind that they are interdependent upon each other and that one housewife in the short time she had to consider the matter might have mentioned only one reason when there were others just as important.

Table 10


Habit, have vegetables only at weekends 7
Eat vegetables only with meat, do not serve it with other dishes 36
Do not like vegetables 5
Vegetables do not agree with me 2
Had not time to cook 15
Family or self ate out, not worthwhile cooking for self 11
Did not go shopping, or vegetable cart did not come round 4
Cannot afford, too expensive 4
Miscellaneous reasons 2
Not answered 22
No. of housewives to whom the question was put * 337

* The number of housewives answering this question is small due to the fact that this question was asked only during last 3 weeks of the investigation.

The most frequent reason given for not serving vegetables, of serving them only with meat, and the fact that no hot meal was cooked the difference seen from the tables, Appendix 6. There is no significant difference in the reasons given by the housewives of the four towns. But more dislike vegetables more of the oldest are cook because they eat out. Younger housewives do not cook because they eat out.

More housewives in the lower wage rate group serve vegetables. More housewives in the higher wage rate group mention price as deterrent to vegetables only with certain dishes, e.g. meat. Wage rate group say they serve vegetables only with certain dishes, e.g. meat.

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