A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46


Average consumption and expenditure

Table 4 shows the average amount of vegetables brought into the house per week per person. The average amounts are 57. 3 oz. in the two Welsh towns and 40. 3 oz, in the two Yorkshire towns. About 20% of this amount comes free into the house either from allotments, from gardens, or as gifts. The amount received in gifts is not very great. This was discovered not by asking how many vegetables were received as gifts, to which housewives might have objected, but by asking what amount of vegetables were given away, As the sample was random we assumed that the average amount given away would be approximately the same as the amount received. In all four towns, 18 oz, were given away per person per week.

It is rather remarkable, and certainly of practical consequence, that the amount self grown is so large in the months October-December.

In both groups of towns the proportion of homegrown in relation to the amount consumed is the same, though fewer vegetables, on the whole are consumed and grown in the Yorkshire towns.

The average expenditure in the two Welsh towns is 12.6d. per head, and 9.3d in the two Yorkshire towns. That means that housewives in Wales pay, 276d. per or and in Yorkshire. 304d.

Table 4


Per person during one week Neath and Llanelly Batley and Morley
Average, amount purchased - oz. 43.9 31.9
Average amount grown or obtained free - oz. 12.4 8.4
Average amount brought in the house - oz. 57.3 40.3
Average expenditure - d. 12.6 9.3
No. of households 1063 992
No. of persons 3933 2977

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