A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



The Scottish Mining Communities Survey was commissioned by the Department of Health for Scotland. It was designed to fulfill the needs of the Clyde Valley and the central and South-East Scotland Regional Planning Advisory Committees, as well as to meet the planning needs of the Department as whole. The Survey was planned by Dennis Chapman. Sampling problems were dealt with by Geoffrey Thomas. The final analysis of the results, and the preparation of the Report, were carried out by Dr. Bertram Hutchinson.

The broad purposes of the Survey were fourfold. They were:

  1. (i) To discover to what extent existing mining communities are satisfactory;

  2. (ii) To find out the possibility of transferring miners from areas where coalmining is declining to areas where mining is expanding;

  3. (iii) To discover the main social needs of a number of entirely new mining townships to be built in Fife; and,

  4. (iv) To discover miners' attitudes to the future of the industry, as it will affect their attitude to alternative employment; and the attitudes of their children to entering this or other industries.

The general conclusion to be drawn from the results of the Survey will be found at the beginning of this Report.

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