A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Housewives were asked whether they read Food Facts.

Housewives could be divided into four groups, those who had never seen Food Facts;those who know what they were, but never read them; those who read them occasionally, * and those who had read them during the last fortnight. The latter group was sub-divided into those housewives who had read the advertisements thoroughly enough to remember their contents, and those who could not remember the contents.

87% of the housewives had read Food Facts. More than a quarter of these had read it carefully enough to remember the contents of one or more advertisements which had appeared during the last fortnight.

Table 1
Had never seen Food Facts 9
Had seen Food Facts, but had never read them 4
Read Food Facts occasionally 33
Read Food Facts during the last 2 weeks 54
Read but did not remember contents 30
Read and remembered contents 24
SAMPLE: 1934.

The frequency with which Food Facts were read in different news papers is given in Table 2, which also shows which papers were read. It is not possible to interpret this table any further, as we have no knowledge of the frequency with which Food Facts appeared in these papers.

[2] Housewives who had read Food Facts during the last year but not the last fortnight were included in the category “reads Food Facts occasionally."

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