A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



In the inquiry in January 1946 some questions were asked about attitudes to how the government is handling the problem of road danger.

Do you think the Government is doing enough to reduce road danger?

Yes 42
No 45
Don’t Know 13
Sample 1997

Those who thought enough was being done were asked:-

What do you think is the most useful thing the Government is doing?

Advertisement % those thinking enough is being done
By poster 8 31
In newspapers 8
On radio 4
By film 4
Unspecified way 7
Other measures
Putting up road signs, pedestrian crossings, traffic lights etc. 24 43
Putting police on duty outside schools 10
Arranging lectures for school children 9
Miscellaneous answers 10
Don’t know 16
Sample: Those who think enough is being done 830

It should be noted that the question asks what is “the most useful thing”, and only one answer could be given by each person asked.

Those who did not think the government was doing enough to reduce road dangers who were asked:-

What more do you think the Government could do to reduce road danger?

% those thinking more should be done
Put up more road signs, traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, etc. 28
Increase fines for not stopping etc. 25
Make wider roads, double carriageways, do away with sharp corners 23
Make and enforce rules for pedestrians 13
Have more police to control traffic 12
Show more or better publicity and films about road danger 12
Keep roads in better repair 11
Have stricter driving tests 8
Have inspections and driving tests periodically 4
Miscellaneous answers 14
Sample: those who do not think enough is being done 903

Informants could give as many answers as they liked to this question.

It will be seen that greater emphasis is laid on physical measures, such as putting up road signs and traffic lights than is put on publicity.

A fairly high proportion of those who thought enough was being done, 31%, mentioned publicity. It should be remembered however that the previous questions referred to publicity therefore it might be uppermost in the minds of many of those asked.

It is clear from these results that physical measures for reducing accidents have a large amount of support from the public and that reducing accidents this way would be welcomed.

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