A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Interviewer ........ Date ........

Admin. Area ........ Place of Interview ........

(a) Coalfield (b) Age of Informant (c) Education (e) Mining Relatives
Scotland 1 13 Years Y Elementary 4 Yes Y
Durham 2 14 Years X Secondary 5 No X
Yorks 3 15 Years 0 Technical 6 (f) Brothers Mining
Lancs 4 16 Years 1 Others 7 Yes 2
Notts 5 17 Years 2 (d) Informant working 8 No 3
S. Wales 6 18 Years 3 Not working 9

(g) Father’s Occupation 01

Ind. Fut. Alt. Wom.
Y X 0 7 8 9 3 4 5 6 1 2 3

For Boys under 18 yrs. still at school

1. (a) What kind of work do you want to do? (b) Why?

(a) Mining 1 (b) Interested, suited to it 5 To learn a trade 9
Tradesman 2 Good job, pay, prospects 6 Don’t know 0
Others 3 Relatives in job 7 Others X
D.K. 4 To increase Knowledge see the world 8

2. (a) What kind of work had your mother in mind for you? (b) Why?

(a)Mining 6
Tradesman 7
Others 8
None 9
D.K. 0

(b) Why?

For Boys 14-18 yrs. already at work

3. (a) What is your present occupation?

(b) Are you doing the kind of work your mother had in mind for you?

If YES (c) Did you want to do it? (d) If NO - What did you want to do?

If NO (e) What kind of work did your mother have in mind for you?

(f) Why didn’t you take it up?

(a) Present Occupation Code (b) (c) If YES to (b) (d) If NO to (c) Work preferred Tradesman
Yes No Yes No Mining Other Don’t Know
Y X 0 1 2 3 4 5
(e) If No to (b) Work mother preferred: (f) Why didn’t you take it up?
Mining Tradesman Others Anything else D.K.
6 7 8 9 0

4. How important do you think the following things are in a job?

Very Important Fairly Important Not Important Don’t Know
Prospects of Promotion Y X 0 1
Welfare arrangements 4 5 6 7
Security of job Y X 0 1
Kind of people in job 4 5 6 7
Relations with management Y X 0 1
Working Surroundings 4 5 6 7
Kind of work Y X 0 1
Hours 4 5 6 7
Interest of job Y X 0 1
Wages 4 5 6 7

5. Have you ever thought of coal-mining as a possible job for yourself?

No never thought of it 1
Yes- against it 2
Yes-in favour of it 3
Yes - no other job available 4
Vague 5

6. Are there any things about coal-mining you think might make it the kind of job you would like?

If YES - What?

If could get job I wanted work with machinery etc. Y
Good pay X
Good hours 0
Interesting important job 1
Others 2

Which of these is the chief thing?

7. Are there any things you think might make you dislike it?

IF YES - what?

Bad pay Y
Bad prospects X
Bad hours, inconvenient shifts 0
Work too hard 1
Unhealthy, dirty, dusty 2
Being underground, no daylight 3
Dangerous 4
Others 5

Which of these is the chief thing?

8. How do you think the social standing of the skilled coal-miners compares with that of all other skilled workers?

Higher 1
Same 2
Lower 3
D.K. 4


9. Non-mining boys already at work

Which of the following things do you think are better in coal-mining and which are worse in coal-mining than in your present job?

(PROMPT) Better Same Worse Don’t Know
Prospects of Promotion Y X 0 1
Welfare arrangements 4 5 6 7
Security of job Y X 0 1
Relations with management 4 5 6 7
Working Surroundings Y X 0 1
Kind of work 4 5 6 7
Hours Y X 0 1
Interest of job 4 5 6 7
Wages Y X 0 1

For All who say working Surroundings and kind of Work are worse in mining

10. Could you say that you think is the most unpleasant thing and the least unpleasant thing, about working underground in a mine?

Most Unpleasant Yes Y
No X

If YES, what ?

Least Unpleasant Yes 1
No 2

If YES, what?

11. Do you know anything about jobs underground in a mine?


If yes , Which do you think worst and which best?



To Everybody

12. Mines are going to be increasingly mechanised. Do you think this will make mining a better or worse job than it is now?

Better 5
No difference 6
Worse. 7
Better one way, Worse another 8
Don’t Know 9

If codes 5, 6, 7 or 8 - why?

Work will be easier Y
Improve conditions, cleaner, safer less dust X
More interesting , make it a skilled job 0
Causes more accidents, more dangerous 1
More unhealthy. 2
Others 3

13. Boys entering mining are going to have a special training course before going underground. Do you think this would influence you to take up mining as a career?

14. It may be possible for boys to go and live in at a Training centre for 6 months where you would have further education in addition to technical training and time off for sports. Would this influence you towards taking a job in coal-mining?

15. Do you know the mines are going to be taken over by the Government?

16. Do you think the fact that the Government is going to take them over will make mining a better or worse job?

Better 1
Worse 2
No difference 3
Better in some ways, worse in others 4
Don’t Know 5


17. Does it alter your attitude to coal mining as a job in anyway

If YES, in what way?

If NO, Why not?

18. How important do you think the coal industry is compared with all other industries?

(Prompt) Most Important Y
No more important X
Don’t know 1

19. To sum up would you say that so far as a job for yourself is concerned you:-

(Prompt) Are against coal-mining 3
Don’t mind 4
Are in favour 5

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