A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

No value as so many people have medal (16)

They are worthless. So many people will have them. Don't want to advertise myself anyway.

Has made it into a farce also making everyone that has a medal look cheap and ridiculous.

They are rather “cheap” now, I shall not bother.

No use getting medal - can buy them in the shops anyway. They are of no value at all.

Everyone seems to be entitled to it as a fire-watcher, which has lowered the value of it.

What's the good of it. So many people will have it there will be no pride in it.

Don't think it worthwhile, too many people will have it.

Got three medals and have never worn them. Think it would be cheap.

They will be given to anyone and will be very cheap.

Does not attach much value to this medal. Too much bother with forms. Why not issue them to the appropriate authority for direct distribution to those entitled to medals.

Of no value in my opinion, also that work should not have been done with any thought of reward.

Of no value, thinks it's a waste of money.

The number of categories eligible for application makes the medal cheap. It should have been awarded to members of regular “Defence Services”. only my opinion.

Medal won't be worth anything.

What's the good - so many - no value everybody forced to do C.D anyway absurd to offer medal.

Lot of twaddle loses standard for so many to have medal - wouldn't dream of applying, not worth it - when V.C's get medals - too small a service to go medals.

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