A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

Not interested (26)

Not interested in medals. Would always help my country wouldn't dream of applying.

I'm not interested in a medal - I could not wear it.

Not interested in getting any medal.

11. Not interested.

No interest in medals. Waste of time and medals.

Not interested in medal (Fire Guard).

2. No interest in medals (Home Guard service).

Not interested in medals. Don't want medal for Civil Defence service.

Not interested - don't want any medals - fed up with my treatment. after doing so much voluntary work.

Not interested enough, medals not necessary. Over and done with so let's forget about it.

Not sufficiently keen.

Not in any way interested in any form of medal.

Am not interested in obtaining medal.

D.K. not interested.

Not interested. Defence was the duty of all and should not need reward, except in cases of exceptional bravery.

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