A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



  • Introduction 1

  • Summary 1

  • Q. 1. Do you know how much milk you are entitled to per week? 2

  • Q. 2. How much milk did you get last week? 3

  • Q. 2A. If that is less than you are entitled to, what is the reason for it? 5

  • Q. 3. Do you use Powdered Milk, Condensed Milk? 5

  • Q. 3A. If you do not use Powdered Milk, why not? 7

  • Q. 4A. How many children take milk at school? 8

  • Q. 6. Do you find it difficult to manage on the amount you get now? 8

  • Q. 6A. If you do not find it difficult to manage, why not? 9

  • Q. 6B. If you do find it difficult, in what ways do you manage? 10

  • Q. 7. Do you reserve milk especially for any member of the family? 10

  • Q. 7A. Why do you set aside milk for any member of the family especially? 11

  • Q. 8. How could you manage if the milk allowance made to non-priority consumers had to be less than 2 pints a week next year? 11

  • Q. 9. Would you prefer to have the cut made in other rationed foods? 11

  • Q. 9A. If yes, in which rationed food would you prefer the cut? 12

  • Q. 10. With whom are you registered for milk? 13

  • Appendix I - The Sample 14

  • Appendix II - Milk Entitlements per week 14

  • Appendix III - The Questionaire 15

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