A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Again, about one-third of the housewives say that they serve potatoes in new ways, and half of these think they were stimulated by Ministry of Food publicity.

The following list shows what new ways housewives have used what they learned from Food publicity, including Kitchen Front programme suggestions.

Cheese and potato recipes (various) 229
Potato cakes 131
Rissoles 68
Baked in jackets 64
Potato pie, Shepherd’s pie 55
Pastry 54
Potato scones 47
Fish cakes 47
Pancakes and fritters 40
Chips 34
Potato and dried egg 30
Salads 30
Cakes 26
Potato and sausage pie 24
Vegetable pie 24
Fried potatoes 23
Scallops 21
Potato flour 21
Fish pie 23
Corned beef and potatoes 18
Patties 16
Roast 14
Boiled in jackets 14
Savoury pie 10
Biscuits 10
Potato and minced meat Vegetable and lentil rissoles
Hash Potato with bean and cheese sauce
Pasties Potato dumplings
Stuffed potatoes Potato and carrot
Savoury potatoes Bacon and potato pie
Savoury dishes Bacon, potato and onion pie
Sandwich spreads and fillings Mashed potato, carrot and onion
Tart fillings Potatoes, breadcrumbs and herbs
Vegetable hot pot Potatoes and leeks
Hot pot Potatoes, tomato and onion
Woolton pie Potatoes, cabbage and onion
Potato and vegetable pie Potatoes, cabbage and bacon
Vegetable boiled pudding Potatoes with anchovy sauce
Belgrade pie Potatoes, cheese and bacon
Potato, bacon and dried egg pie Potatoes, liver and cheese
Potato balls on royal potatoes Sliced potatoes and white sauce
Omelettes Stovies
Potato turnover Potato cauliflower and sauce
Potato croquettes Grated on toast
Potato Yorkshire pudding Potatoes, cheese and macaroni
Potato batter Potatoes instead of macaroni
Potato and onions Cooked in gravy with onions
Mashed potatoes, dried egg, milk - fried Unsweetened custard and mashed potatoes fried
Potato and lentil cutlets Soup
Gridle cakes Grated potato and carrot pudding
Potato flap-jack Souffles
Bread Potato for suet crusts
Puddings Diamond shapes
Baked in milk in oven Fried mixtures
Bubble and squeak Casseroled potatoes
Tried out practically all recipes Tried out all recipes described in the Kitchen Front

Those housewives who had not tried new ways gave the following reasons:-

Table 13
% of those who say they have not tried new ways
Prefer own ways 40
Had no time to try 30
Don’t like potatoes much 5
Family would not like new idea 5
Others. 5
No answer 15

Clearly expressed in this table is a strong conservatism in cooking habits which makes it difficult for the housewife to absorb new suggestions.

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