A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



Table 5

Reason For eating more potatoes and more bread

Potatoes Bread
% %
Substitute for other food 57 47
Saving bread 10 -
Like them 9 -
Family eating more, children growing up, more people in family 6 17
Sandwiches have to be made - 12
Bread not so filling - 4
Others 3 6
No reason given 17 15
SAMPLE 1285 517

This table is self-explanatory; the most interesting point is that half of the people who eat either more bread or more potatoes used them as a substitute for other foods.

The percentage of people who eat less potatoes is so small that a statistical analysis of the reasons for doing so is meaningless. The reasons most often mentioned are: don’t like potatoes, family gets main meal elsewhere, family smaller.

The reasons given for eating less bread are as follows.

Table 6

Reasons for eating less bread

Dislike National Bread 38
Members of family away 17
Eating more potatoes 13
Asked to save bread 9
Eating more of other things 5
Others 8
No reason given 10
SAMPLE (all eating less) 442

It is interesting that numerically the most important single reason for a decrease in bread consumption is the dislike for the National loaf.

This figure is not surprising if it is realised that in February, 1943, half the women in a sample of 3,000 still considered brown bread inferior to white bread.

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