A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46


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1. What kind of sanitary towels do you usually use?

Name of Brand.

Washable 1. Insoluble, packet type 3. Other kind 5 _________

Soluble, packet type 2. Home made 4. ___________

2. Have you always used the kind you are now using?

Yes 1. No 2.

If not,

(a) Which kind did you use previously? 1 2 3 4 5.

(b) What made you change from the previous type?

(c) When did you change?

(d) Are you satisfied with the type you are now using?

Yes 1. No 2. Don’t know 3.

(e) If not satisfied, why not?

3. If now using Washable, Home made or Other kind, have any special difficulties been encountered recently?

4. If now using packet type

(a) Do you prefer any particular brand?

Why do you prefer this brand?

(b)Where do you usually get your packet towels?

Draper 1. Chemist 2. Slot machine 3. Any other 4

(c) Do you keep a reserve by you?

Always 1. Never 2. Sometimes 3.

If yes, how many have you now?

How many used you to keep by you?

(d) About how many do you use a month?

(e) How does this compare with the number you used formerly?

More 1 Less 2 The same 3

(f) If more or less, what is this due to?

(g) Have you had any difficulty in getting packet sanitary towels lately?

How have you managed?

Town _____________ Street _____________

Rural 1 Social A B
Urban 2 Group C D

Investigator _____________

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