A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



The investigation was carried out during the initiation of the rubber- saving campaign. Only 2.9% said that they started the regular collection of rubber. 8.2% said that they would do it “sometimes” if they happen to have an article to be salvaged, A higher percentage of the A and B group think that they can collect rubber “regularly” or “sometimes” than of the C and D group.

A and B C and D
Collects rubber regularly or sometimes 115 15% 226 10.2%

No local campaign had been carried out in the towns involved in the inquiry. The only national publicity given to rubber salvage was on a few occasions in the press.

The overwhelming majority of housewives said that they do not collect because they have nothing to collect.

Does not collect rubber because:

Has nothing to collect. 2401 96.8
Nobody collects it. 20 .8
Did not know that it was wanted. 6l 2.4

“Haven’t any rubber to give away.” “Never get any except hot-water bottle.”

“Never have any except one pair of rubber boots.” “The little available for salvage not disposed of yet, as not sure where to send it.” “Have none.” “We have one or two tyres and they are buried somewhere,” “Had rubber car tyres - gave one to rag-and-bone man, gave others to friend.”

Here, as with food waste, bones and rags, the housewife’s statement that she has not such articles cannot be taken quite literally. They might not have many articles, but probably campaigns are not yet intensive enough to make it clear to housewives that they possess articles they could salvage.

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