A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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A Survey of Consumers’ Habits and Attitudes made for the Ministry of Food.

War Time Social Survey (New Series 7 and 8) February, 1942.

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This report deals with several problems on which the. Ministry of Food required information.

The first four sections are factual studies of consumption for the main part, whilst the last two sections deal with housewives’ attitudes on specific problems. The information was derived from replies to two questionnaires addressed to similar samples of the population. Sample one dealt with National Wheatmeal Bread, Milk, Eggs and Advertising; Sample Two dealt with Queues, Orange distribution Points Rationing and Advertising.

A change in the arrangements for Points Rationing made this section out of date, and the analysis was therefore not completed, although some of the information was of use to the Ministry of Food in the early days of Points Rationing. The results on Advertising in both questionnaires were grouped, and a Large sample was thus available for the analysis in this section.

The use of two samples selected by the same method afforded an opportunity for checking the validity of the sampling method. This test is discussed in the section on the sample.

Interviewing was completed during December, and interim figures were given to the Ministry of Food as soon as they became available.

1. National Wheatmeal Bread . pp. 3 - 15

The extent to which National Wheatmeal Bread is known; Buying Habits; Availability of N.W.B.; Housewives’ Preferences; Reasons for buying, ceasing to buy N.W.B.; Keeping Qualities.

2. Milk Consumption . pp. 16 - 22

Consumption of per milk head and per family; Proportions consuming at given levels; Consumption of National Milk; Consumption by Adults.

3. Eggs Consumption . pp. 23 - 28

Fresh eggs per family, Eggs per head, Proportions of Eggs Bought, Produced or Given.

4. Queues . pp. 29 - 34

The incidence of queueing. For what commodities do housewives queue. Frequency of Queueing. Opinion on Queueing.

5. Reservation of Oranges for Infants. pp. 35 - 38

The Reception of the Scheme; Reasons advanced by housewives for Approval or Disapproval.

6. Ministry of Food Advertising. pp. 39 - 45

The method of advertising preferred and reasons for preference; The effective penetration of Ministry of Food Cinema Slides, Food Demonstrations and “Food Facts” notices.

7. The samples used and some check on their validity. Appendix I.

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