A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



In connection with the general investigation of the intake of vitamins it is important to find out what proportion of the milk used is heated. In order to attach the correct significance to the number who do so, every informant was asked whether she used pasteurised, tuberculin-tested, or ordinary milk.

The questions asked were:

What proportion of the milk you get every day is: tuberculin-tested, pasteurised, ordinary?

What proportion of the milk you use is cooked in one form or another?

What do you give your children, cooked or raw milk?

Do you use tinned milk? If yes, what, proportion of this do you heat?


About 10% of the housewives in the sample did not know what kind of milk they had. About one-third, thought they had milk which went through some sort of heating process (this milk is called pasteurised milk). Only 3% used tuberculin-tested milk.

Table 20

What sort of milk do you have

% of sample

Tuberculin-tested Pasteurised Ordinary Don’t know SAMPLE
% % % %
3 35 53 11 2576

Nearly three-quarters of the sample boil part of the milk they use. Only 2% boil all, but a third boiled all milk for their children, and half of those who use tinned milk boil the whole or part of it. Milk boiled includes, of course, all milk used for cooking or baking purposes.

Table 21

What proportion of the milk used do you boil ?

Boil all Boil Part Boil none No answer SAMPLE
% % % %
2 72 21 5 2576
Table 22

What proportion of tinned milk do you boil ?

Boil all Boil part Boil none No answer Do not use tinned milk SAMPLE
% % % % %
19 8 24 6 43 2576
Table 23

Do you serve boiled or raw milk to your children ?

All boiled Some boiled All raw No answer Total No. with children
% % % % %
32 27 25 16 1164

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