A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Leave application to appropriate authority (12)

Should be issued by the authority concerned to those who according to their records have qualified. Doesn't like having to apply.

Don't know where to get the forms from or what to do about it - thought H.G. would be issued with medal automatically.

If good enough to give services during war the people or authority whom we served recommend us for medal (service in C.D. from start of war to finish).

Because the authority concerned will provide the medal. they have all particulars and history and if they do not fulfill the obligation - well I'll just do without it, but definitely shall not make any personal application or fill up any form.

Thinks the Police will apply on his behalf for the medal.

The Civil Defence Authorities of Portsmouth should know who is entitled to a medal without our applying.

If I am entitled to a medal the authorities should give me one.

The Local authorities should have records. There should be no need to apply.

Think local Chief or Home Guard is going to arrange it.

Up to the authorities to sort us out, they have records of all services done. Personally not interested in medals - waste of money and labour.

Was in Home Guard and thinks C.O. will apply.

Don't like the system of applying. Better if authority concerned just put forward the names of those who had qualified.

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