A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Whole thing unnecessary: ridiculous; silly. Disagree with issue of medal (19)

Not worthwhile all a silly idea.

It is absolutely unnecessary to issue a Defence Medal of any description to a person who performs a normal duty; requires no payment.

Disagree with it - did not do a job for a medal. Disagree with medals altogether.

Thinks it is nonsense and waste of time, of money.

Thinks the idea is all bunk. Medals issued in last war and not used. A medal no good to anyone.

Don't think a medal is necessary.

Silly idea.

Because I consider it ridiculous giving such things for Fire Guard.

2. All a lot of nonsense.

Looks quite silly to apply for a medal, I think.

Most unnecessary, don't want a medal.

Think the whole thing quite ridiculous.

“Tommy rot” - too expensive to state - no need - too many people will have it.

I don't want to look ridiculous.

Do not agree with issue of this medal. Food and homes should be given prior attention. People can live without medals.

Rubbish - do your bit and forget all about it.

Don't agree with medals. You have to do your share in War (forced to anyway) but medals are no use.

I do not see the necessity for issuing a medal of this kind.

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