A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Waste of time, money and material (34)

I don't think anything of medals - They are a waste of money, I always keep in the background even on parades.

Thinks it a waste of money some people with home responsibilities did just as much work during the war as those who were doing Civil Defence and who then enjoyed the social side. She was charitable about it all.

Thinks it all a lot of foolish child's play and given a lot of wasted time and money and employment to Civil servants.

Because I think it is a waste of money to supply everyone with a medal when more than half of us has not carried out one decent duty to warrant it.

Because informant thinks it a waste of time as the war is over. Something better could be done with public money.

Thinks it a waste of public money was hospital Sister throughout war years.

3. Utter waste of time and money.

Waste of time - medal means nothing when 7 million people are getting it.

Do not believe in it - thinks it's a waste of time and money.

Don't see there is any need for it - waste of money.

Waste of money.

Waste of time.

Waste of material and effort.

Medal not worth two pence to anyone - waste of money, don't want it.

Waste of my time and public money.

Have filled in enough forms, think it's all a waste of public money.

Think the whole thing is a waste of public money.

Not sure about it, and think it's a waste of time

Those ribbons are a waste of material and money.

Would never wear them. Waste of time and public money.

Think it's a lot of rot and a waste of money.

Waste of money - not necessary to give medals.

Medals not necessary. waste of public money.

Waste of time. Don't want any medals.

Unnecessary expense.

It's better to save expense.

Waste of public money. Not necessary at all.

I think that the production and distribution of the D.M. is a waste of public money.

Waste of public money - cannot discriminate in this war - everyone deserves a medal.

Waste of Government money.

Don't care - it's all a waste of money.

Medals are not important - there is much more useful things to be done apart from medals.

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