A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Don't want a medal - Don't believe in medals (40)

The war is over and that's it - I don't want a medal.

I've done my duty and don't want any medals.

No good - never wears last war's. Doesn't see any point in medals.

11. Doesn't want a medal.

Enjoyed being in Home Guard had his shooting practice etc. and doesn't want a medal for it.

Don't want a medal - useless.

Had a medal from last war, What good are they?

Don't need a medal. F. guard.

Don't like medals.

Feel the medal should only go to the fighting service - Don't want it.

Already got as many medals as I want from last War.

Just don't want it.

Don't want those things - We've won the war, and that's all that matters.

Don't want the medal it was no use to me - dislike the idea - swank.

Really don't want the D.M., and would rather just leave it at that.

No time to worry would never wear it anyhow.

I would do all in my power to defend my country. I don't require a medal for it

Don't want a medal for doing things like that. Everyone did their bit.

Did it in good faith and don't want a medal for it.

Don't want a medal - It was the same in the Last War (H. Guard).

Don't want a medal - don't see any object in having them - waste of money and waste of time.

The job is finished and I don't want a medal.

I did my bit in the Forces and I don't need a medal.

I was pleased to do my bit, and I don't attach a lot of importance to it,certainly would not dream of applying for one.

Don't wear medals from last war - Don't believe in medals.

Have no use for medals.

Don't believe in medals, church parades and things like that.

Was in the Civil Defence but don't want medal - never had. anything to do.

Does not wish to apply.

Have enough from the last war and they are never taken out of the drawer.

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