A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Can't be bothered - not worth it - medal no use (61)

No reason - Just not worthwhile didn't do very much, would not apply - but would be pleased if given one.

Can't be bothered - why should I get a medal.

Not bothered and does not intend to bother.

5. Not worth bothering about it.

Won't bother - waste of time.

What use is it?

Won't bother not worth it.

If anybody would give me a medal I'd have it but I don't intend to apply for it.

Shouldn't worry could not waste the time.

What good are medals? No good to me.

Don't think it worth bothering about.

Don't see any point in it, I have no time for it

3. Can't be bothered.

Too much trouble. Do not want any medals.

Not worrying.

I don't bother.

Not bothered - last war medals.

Too much trouble

No special reason just that it would be too much trouble to fill in and cannot see why Government Departments cannot trace histories like the Army and issue them to those who deserve them.

Has sufficient to do without bothering about that.

D.K. - would not be bothered filling them up.

Not worth trouble involved - sick of filling up forms, a medal issued in such large numbers would have no value.

2. Doesn't think it worth-while.

Thinks they are useless.

Too much trouble. Authorities.

Don't think I shall bother don't like filling forms in at all.

Don't think I have the qualifications and anyway can't be bothered.

Not worth having.

Won't bother - a medal is no good to me.

Haven't time to bother with them.

Not sure if entitled to one and won't bother to find out, because medals are not worth bothering about.

Shall not bother. Never seen my last War's medals since I got them (Home Guard)

Doesn't think it worth the trouble.

Can't be bothered with it - I was in the last war - have plenty of medals - don't think it worth-while.

No one else interested so don't intend to bother.

Not worth walking to P.O. for forms.

Don't think it's worth bothering about.

Simply won't bother - have no use for medal.

Hadn't bothered - not merited.

Not worth it.

Not sure I am qualified: Can't bother.

Not worthwhile the bother. Won't mean anything if you wear it

Not bothered.

Wouldn't do me any good.

Medals aren't much good to us.

I don't think there's much use in a medal.

Getting old and don't think it worth bothering about.

Not caring much.

No time for such things. Sounds too much like work.

2. Not worth-while.

No use for a medal.

Will not bother don't want medals.

Don't care about it.

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