A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Question 8:- Why aren't you going to obtain them? (Specify)

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Have done nothing to justify a medal - Job not done for a medal - To be issued for bravery and services

Because I only did my duty and do not think firewatching is enough to get medal for.

Because do not think I have done anything to warrant the country giving me a medal unless they provide a medal for suffering housewives.

We formed a fire-watching party in this village and the women joined to help if the men were called away but all we did was have meetings and suppers etc. It become a social function.

I don't feel that I have sufficient qualifications and I do not want a medal.

Think others more entitled to it. Received 4 medals in last war and really doesn't want any more.

Would not do me any good to have a medal for the bit I did.

If it were the V.C. or something really good that I had done I would be proud of it - but I've done nothing to warrant a medal.

No point in getting medals for duty.

Don't think we deserve it (H.G.) want to forget the war (Would prefer battalion or divisional award - not individual)

Medals not necessary consider it a job of work that had to be done. However, so let it rest.

Don't see why I should have a medal - was forced to fire-watch - ridiculous to give medals for conscription service - everybody did what they could.

Don't want a medal for helping to preserve my own life.

Don't think a medal is necessary.

Not certain if I have the qualifications, and would rather not have one even if I have. Don't feel I've deserved it anyhow.

Because I do not think medals should be given to anyone unless they served under fire. I only did my duty.

Unnecessary - had to do the job - no medal, necessary - would do it again if necessary.

Don't think what I've done is worth striking a medal for. 3 or 4 medals at home already (was Fire Guard on business).

Consider that in this district we were not called upon to render services necessitating the receipt of any medal.

Because you had to be of service to your King for three years or more and I only worked for one year for the Fire Guard and watchers.

Because I only offered what was required and was never called on to do anything.

No special credit due to me, the civilian only protected himself - only sensible action to take. Why not spend money on betterment of conditions.

Nothing happened here - do not feel justified in claiming medal.

Do not think I ought to have a medal for all the little I did - don't want a medal.

Feel there is no necessity for it - Give the medal to the fighting services; should not be for civilians.

No use applying - only did fire-watching on voluntary basis round his own home not recognised by regular A.R.P.

I only did what we were all expected to do and thought no more of it.

Did my bit in the Rescue Squad. Don't want any medal, thank you.

Compelled to do fire-watching and have no intentions of claiming any medal for job I was forced to do.

Don't think I did enough to deserve it. Fire-watching is nothing.

Don't feel did enough - others have really earned it.

Don't think we deserve a medal - my services not worthy of one.

Have not done anything to justify a medal.

Was fire-watching, but not for a medal - did it because thought it was my duty.

Nothing happened in Perth and don't want a medal.

Doesn't think it's necessary to have a medal.

Didn't do it for the sake of a medal.

Doesn't think she has done anything to deserve a medal - never called on at Rest Centre where she offered her services. No medal given for having evacuees.

Wouldn't worry - only did my duty.

C.D. was not a special service but one in which everyone did what they could.

The work was undertaken as a voluntary effort to help the country and I am not interested in the D.M.

Just did duty - no need for a medal.

Does not consider that the fire-watching he did warrants a medal.

I don't feel that I have done more than other people.

Was in charge of Rest Centre Gas Decontamination etc., but wasn't involved in any “incident” so don't consider I need a medal.

Did Civil Defence work for good of country and not for any decoration.

My conscience is satisfied that I have done my bit and I am not interested in any form of medal.

Medals should be given only to services personnel who deserve them more than civilians.

My opinion is that these medals should not have been issued for services rendered but should be given in cases of outstanding bravery.

I consider that my services were rendered on behalf of my country and I do t consider that the small services rendered warrant an application for a medal.

I feel that my services were not sufficient to warrant a claim.

I do not wish to advertise my war work, my assistance was given voluntarily to help the country in her hour of need.

Consider my services are not deserving of a medal.

Plenty deserve it more than I do, I just did my job.

Not worth it - should not require medals - have only done what everyone has done - silly waste of money.

So many entitled to them - feel have only done what anyone else would do - feel it unnecessary to have medal for it.

Did what I had to do - like anyone else - don't want medal for it.

Didn't think I was eligible - have only fire-watched at the village -not been in any raids.

Think it's wrong to give a medal for fire-watching when people who have really done good work get the same thing.

It seems to me to be far superior not to have a medal - I do not approve of the way the government is dishing up a medal to all and sundry that is if all papers say about it are true.

Because I consider it should only be given to people for bravery under fire. I only did my duty.

Don't want a medal - it should be given to people who have done something special.

Doesn't feel that what he has done deserves a medal.

Stupid - for everyone - should be given for specially brave actions only.

Don't deserve a medal.

Did not do work for medal - and nothing happened here.

I did work for a few services during the war but in this back-water nothing exciting ever occurred which would have enabled me to show my skill or help in anyway other than my routine work.

Not fair to the fighting men to give a medal for such things as fire-watching - out of place.

Too many people who did more - (as far as her C.D. went she didn't feel she deserved one - but if they gave a medal for conducting a bus all through the blitz in London - she would apply - as she deserved one for that).

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