A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

RG 23/13 - Women's Registration and Call-Up: An Enquiry among 2,798 women for the Ministry of Labour and National Service, carried out between March 19 and April 25, 1942

  1. Contents
  2. Method
  3. Conclusions
  4. Section 1 - Is it generally realised that all women must register with their age group, even if they are unlikely to be put into war work. How many women expect to be exempted from war work?
  5. Section 2 - Do women feel that the registration procedure is too curt and official, or that facilities should be available on registration day for discussing the possibilities of war work?
  6. Section 3 - Do women understand as a general rule that the period between registration and interview will vary in individual cases? Do they understand that not all women will be called for an interview immediately after registration?
  7. Section 4 - Is there any feeling that the interviewing accommodation is in some places not suitable for its purpose?
  8. Section 5 - Are women in general satisfied that that the interviewing procedure is fair, and that the interviewing officers are doing their best to help them within the framework of their instructions?
  9. Section 6 - Do women feel that in general the exchanges do take notice of special qualifications and place them in the war jobs to which they are best fitted?
  10. Section 7 - How many women are prepared to take war work either whole-time or part-time?
  11. Section 8 - What do women think about being tied to their employers under the Essential Work Order?
  12. Section 9 - What are women’s views on those who appear to be “getting away with it”, and do they feel there is much of this?
  13. Section 10 - What is the general view about private domestic service?
  14. Section 11 - What do women feel about the Control of Employment order for women in the 20-30 age groups?
  15. Section 12 - Are women in favour of conscription for the women’s auxiliary services and the freer use of directions under the defence regulations to specific jobs?
  16. Appendix 1
  17. Appendix 2 - Questionnaire

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