A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46


Is there any feeling that the interviewing accommodation is in some places not suitable for its purpose?

Question asked: What was your experience at the interview? Give your views about the place in which you were interviewed.

The most striking part of the result is the fact that nearly half the women could not give any view about the premises, as they had just left no impression whatsoever.

Impression of premises:

A and B C and D Total
% % %
All right, nice 52 49 49 (±5.8)
Not private enough, cold 12 3 5 (±2.6)
No impression left 36 48 46 (±5.5)
Sample 50 241 291

The A and B class had more complaints to make than the C and D classes. In nearly half the C and D classes the Labour Exchange has not left any impression.

The next table gives a breakdown by area. This shows great regional differences. The results will have to be treated with care, as the absolute figures are very small, and statistically significant differences cannot be calculated.

Scotland North Midland Wales South London
No. No. No. No. No. No.
All right, no complaints, nice 15 43 31 23 22 16
Not private enough 2 2 2 - 5 4
No impression left 78 13 14 3 10 12
Sample 95 58 47 26 37 32

In Wales there are no complaints, and a very high number express great satisfaction. Scotland is characterised in our sample by the absolute lack of impression which its Labour Exchanges give. North England and the Midlands are regarded as quite satisfactory, North England being more praised than the Midlands.

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