A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46



The first question asked was whether housewives had special days on which they bought or baked.

Table 17
Question: Do you usually buy or bake on special days? % of those who buy % of those who bake
Yes 29 73
No 47 27
N.A. 1 -
Did not buy last week 23 -
Sample: 1909 1762

Only about a quarter of the housewives buy on special days, but three quarters bake on certain days.

Those who bought and baked on special days were asked which days these were.

Table 18
Days of buying and baking Buying * % of those who bought in last seven days Baking % of those who bake
Monday 1 -
Tuesday 5 3
Wednesday 3 5
Thursday 5 5
Friday 8 12
Saturday 20 15
Sunday - 24
N.A. 1 8
No special days 62 27
SAMPLE: 1462 1762

(*More than one day could be named).

The housewives who buy on special days do so mostly at week-ends, and quite a considerable number bake at week-ends.

The reasons given for buying on special days are as follows:

Table 19
Reasons for choice of day % of those who bought in last seven days*
Want some for week-end 15
Best choice in shop 11
Shops on those days 11
Would not get any on other 9
Not such bad queues 2
Have the money then 1
No answer 2
All who have no special days 62
SAMPLE: 1462

(*More than one reason could be given).

There are three main reasons why cakes are bought on special days: they are the housewife’s main shopping days; she wants fresh cakes for the week-end; and they are the days when the shops are not closed or have a good choice.

21% of the 1462 housewives who bought cakes during the last seven days bought at special times: 3% in the morning and 18% in the afternoon.

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