A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

RG 23/54 - Cakes - Buying and Baking, November-December 1943.

  1. Contents
  2. I. Introduction
  3. II. Summary of Results
  4. III. The Incidence of Cake Baking and Buying
  5. IV. Expenditure on Bought Cakes
  6. V. Cakes Bought by Members of the Household other than the Housewife
  7. VI. Cakes Taken to Work or School
  8. VII. Eating of Cakes Inside the Family
  9. VIII. The Kind of Cakes Bought
  10. IX. Satisfaction with Quality
  11. X. Types of Shop at which Cakes are Bought
  12. XI. Day on which Cakes are Bought and Baked
  13. XII. Queues
  14. XIII. Group Differences in Cake Buying and Baking Working Women
  15. Sample - Appendix 1
  16. Staff List

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