A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46




Between November 12th and December 4th, 1943, the Wartime Social Survey carried out an investigation into the consumption of cakes. The purpose of the enquiry was to give the Ministry of Food information which could be used in a decision on the allocation of fat and sugar to bakers.

2,372 housewives were interviewed; they were selected at random from the food cards in particular towns and districts. The towns and districts were chosen to be representative in different regions. (The sample is described in detail in Appendix 1.) Whenever the housewife to be interviewed was not at home at the first call a second was made. If at the second call the housewife was not found at home, the next door neighbour was chosen as substitute.

The interviews were carried out by twenty- four trained investigators. Each interview was based on twenty-three questions (questionnaire - Appendix 2.)

The interviewers reported that the inquiry was received well by the housewives who showed interest in the problem and readily answered all the questions.

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