A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46


Housewives were asked to say whether they were satisfied with the quality of the cakes they bought during the last week:

Table 13
Satisfaction with quality: Small % of those who buy Sponge % of those who buy Large % of those who buy
Satisfied 63 63 66
Neutral 21 21 18
Dissatisfied 15 14 18
Sample: 971 335 917

More than one-eighth of the housewives interviewed are dissatisfied with the quality of the cakes and the proportions expressing themselves as satisfied, neutral or dissatisfied are almost the same for all three kinds of cakes.

Adequacy of supplies of cakes in the shops

The question asked to get information on whether supplies of the three groups of cake were adequate was “Did you get as much as you wanted during the week preceding the interview? The following table shows the answers to this question:

Table 14
Question: Did you get as much as you wanted:
Small % Sponge % Large %
Yes 70 57 60
No 26 38 34
N.A. 4 5 5
Sample: those who bought particular groups of cake during the last seven days 971 335 917

A quarter of the sample cannot get as many small cakes as they would like. A third would like more sponge and slab cakes.

The same question was also asked in a different way: “Are there any kind of cakes in the shops which you would like but which as a rule you do not manage to get?”, and the following distribution of answers was obtained.

Table 15
Can get what they want 47
Cannot get what they want 53

The 53% who could not get the kind of cakes they would like wanted the various groups in the following proportions:

Smalls 8
Sponge 12
Slab or large 23
Unspecified 10

Nearly half of the sample have their demands satisfied and it is mainly slab or large cakes which are unobtainable by the other half.

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