A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

RG 23/9A - Food During the War: a Summary of Studies on the subject of Food made by the Wartime Social Survey between February 1942 and October 1943

  1. Contents
  2. I. Introduction
  3. II. Attitudes to Rationing
  4. III. Changing Food Habits
  5. IV. Knowledge of Food Values
  6. V. Feeding Outside the Home
  7. VI. The Extent to which Different Foods are Used
  8. VII. Group Differences
  9. VIII. Food Items Taken during a Day of the Week
  10. IX. Dietary Survey
  11. X. Future Research
  12. Appendix I
  13. Appendix II
  14. Questionnaire - Individual Meals Inquiry
  15. Questionnaire - The Consumption of Oatmeal and Potatoes
  16. Questionnaire - Cakes
  17. Appendix III
  18. Questionnaire - Food Study
  19. Wartime Social Survey - Staff List

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