A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

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Appendix I

Food Surveys carried out by the Wartime Social Survey between December 1941 and October 1943.

No. of inquiries on the same problem
Food problems - National Wheatmeal bread, Milk, queueing, oranges, etc. 1
Kitchen Front 2
Housewives' attitude to food publicity 1
Attitudes to the different war time food schemes 2
National Wheatmeal bread 3
Food rationing 3
Food shortages 1
Shopping difficulties 1
Sweet rationing 1
Cod liver oil and fruit juices 2
Queues 1
Dried eggs 1
Delivery of food by retailers 1
Information about food 1
British Restaurants 2
Food values 2
Consumption of milk 2
Vegetables, cooking, buying and growing 2
Consumption of manufactured foods 2
Consumption of potatoes 2
Consumption of oatmeal in Scotland 1
School meals in Scotland 1
Meals in Canteens 2
An inquiry into a typical day’s meal and attitudes to war time food in selected groups of the English working population 2
Dietary survey of 500 school children in Salford and Stoke 1

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