A History of the Ministry of Information, 1939-46

RG 23/17 - Retail Services and Shortages: A collection of reports on enquiries into the impact of shortages and the adequacy of repair and other services, 1943

  1. A Note of the Regional Organisation
  2. I. Dry-Cleaning & Mending Services (Clothing)
  3. II. Use of Laundries and Housewives' Difficulties
  4. III. Mending Services (Clothing, Boots & Shoes, Bicycles, Watches & Clocks, Wireless Sets)
  5. IV. Mending Services (Pots & pans, Electrical & Plumbing Repairs)
  6. V. Pottery Shortages
  7. VI. Soup Plates
  8. VII. Hairdressing and Cosmetics
  9. VIII. First Line Shortages
  10. Appendix
  11. Contents

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